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Lelo Sona Cruise
Lelo Sona Cruise
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Lelo Sona Cruise

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Lauded by The Daily Dot as the "best vibrator for clitoral stimulation", here's why the LELO SONA Cruise is one of the top clit suction toys currently on the market:

  • Stimulates 75% More of Your Clitoris — The LELO SONA Cruise is a clit suction toy that uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris - not just the external part that you can see and touch.
  • Automatic Cruise Control — When you apply pressure with a standard clit suction toy, the intensity drops off. This is where the LELO SONA Cruise Control excels! The toy reserves 20% of its full power so that when you press hard enough, it unleashes that extra power for an explosive climax.
  • 8 Pleasure Settings — The LELO SONA Cruise features eight unique settings to help find the perfect sensation for you. Its interface and buttons have been redesigned to help you use the toy with your eyes shut. And you will.
  • Silence is Golden — Clit suction toys can be loud but the SONA Cruise isn't your conventional pleasure product- it's quiet and restrained, making it the perfect toy for users who need discretion.
  • Certified Body-Safe — LELO toys are renowned within the sex toy industry for their high standards of safety and construction. The SONA Cruise is made from premium silicone and is latex and phthalates-free.
  • 100% Waterproof — Do you like drinking piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain? If so, your chariot has arrived in the form of the LELO Sona Cruise. This clit suction toy is non-porous and keeps everything water-tight (even at the charging socket) so that it's ready whenever you are for an aquatic adventure.
  • USB Rechargeable & Travel-Friendly — The SONA Cruise fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and subtly in your purse, for on-the-go fun. What's more, it's USB rechargeable and an hour of charging will give you an hour of sensual pleasure.
  • 1-Year Warranty — The SONA Cruise is meticulously made and comes with a 10-year quality guarantee from LELO. For more information, visit their warranty page.
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