Ask Eva September Survey on Sex Education

11 September 2020

It’s Sex Ed September! As summer comes to end, we at Le Wand wanted to create a space to reflect on past experiences of sex education in school. What sex-ed taught us, what it definitely didn’t, and how we’d re-envision our sex education if we could.

Take part now:

What is #AskEva?

Welcome to Le Wand’s sex research initiative – Ask Eva! Every month YOU, along with Le Wand’s resident sex researcher Eva Bloom, will be blazing a new trail to generate knowledge in the areas of sexuality, pleasure, and health.

Why should you participate?

By taking a few moments to fill out our survey you’ll be helping generate research on characteristics of sex toys and how they are used. When you complete the survey, we will not be able to personally identify you and your answers will remain anonymous. The data from these surveys may be used to inform future Le Wand products and educational materials. The overall results from the survey will be published a newsletter coming later this month – so keep your eyes peeled!

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