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Bobby Box

Product Educator / Brand Ambassador

Bobby Box (we’ve verified this is indeed his real name) has been working as a sex journalist for over a decade, writing for publications like THEM, Elle, Billboard, Daily Beast, AskMen, and The Advocate. He is the former Contributing Editor at Playboy, where he also held the coveted position of Playboy Advisor, and currently writes the popular sex column, Gay Sex Ed, at Grindr.

Bobby came out as queer halfway through his career, and in doing so, witnessed firsthand just how little sex education is available for the LGBTQ+ community. Recognizing this, he made it his life’s work to provide well-reported information to better educate the community on all things sex. In educating folks through internationally-renowned publications and his own social media channels, Bobby quickly amassed a large audience and became recognized as a respected voice and authority on sex in the community.

He was also the captivatingly curious co-host of Bad in Bed: The Queer Sex Podcast where he, alongside fellow journalist, friend, and frequent COTR education contributor, Gabrielle Kassel interviewed industry experts on lesser-known subjects in the sexual space, like sex and disability and purity culture. He has also represented a number of brands in the sexual space as Ambassador, educating audiences about products and teaching workshops both online and off.

It’s his passion for education and unabashed affinity for butt stuff that lead him to COTR, Inc., where he is both the Brand Ambassador and Product Educator for the toys and products he loves most.