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Beginner’s Guide to Wand Use

Le Wand vibrating wand massagers aren’t your fairy godmother’s wands, although one could surely claim that they create a “magical” experience. One of the magical qualities people enjoy about these type of massagers is that they are known to be one of the most powerful vibrators. This is because, traditionally, …

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A guide on how to have a blended orgasm
What is a Blended Orgasm?

The term blended orgasm has traditionally been used to describe the type of orgasm experienced through a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. In fact, a blended orgasm is exactly what you might experience if a rabbit-style vibrator worked with your anatomy.

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Is it normal to use sex toys?
Is it normal to use sex toys?

It’s pretty common to wonder if we are the only ones doing something, when in reality what we are doing is totally normal. This is especially true for sexual experiences, largely due to societal influences.

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Hysteria and history of the first vibrator
“Hysteria” and the History of the Vibrator

What does hysteria have to do with vibrating massagers? It happens to be the historical reason that vibrator use, as we know it, began. Believe it or not in the 1800’s, doctors diagnosed women who were experiencing symptoms including- but not confined to- anxiety, irritability, insomnia, sexual fantasies and desires, bloating, …

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