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Masturbation Mythbusting

Masturbation Mythbusting: Is Squirt Pee?
05 May 2021
If your only experience with squirting is limited to seeing it in porn, you’ve probably convinced yourself that there’s no way that act is real. While there hasn’t been as much research as other bodily functions dedicated to figuring out the science behind squirting, documentation of ejaculation in vulva owners …
8 Stainless Steel Sex Toys, Busted
If you haven’t already gotten your hands, hiney, member, or muff on a stainless steel sex toy, you’re late to the Pleasure Party. 
Masturbation Mythbusting: Can We Be Too Reliant on Vibrators?
02 March 2021
Masturbation is a socially-distant activity that makes “self-isolation” more like “self-investigation.” But after months of going to town with your favorite sex toy, (the pandemic version of “going out”) you may be wondering if you’re getting too reliant on your vibrator. You think about her when you hear a love song at …
Masturbation Mythbusting: Solo Sex & Social Distancing
02 February 2021
Myth 1: Long-distance sex is less intimate than in person. Q: I am socially distanced from my partner but we want to still be sexual with each other. I don’t know if we can still connect. I have heard of sexting and stuff but I’m not really sure how. I …
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