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read through our collection of interviews amplifying non-binary, non-conformist individuals.

An Interview with Tova Leigh – A Sex Blogger and Mother of Three
Dec 16, 2020
Hi Tova! We are big fans of you over here at Le Wand, but our friends who right not know you, can you give us a brief introduction? Tova Leigh: Hi Le Wand! I was born in Israel and I practiced law and worked as a Labor Law Attorney for two …
An Interview with Arielle Egozi – A Domme Writer and Creative Director
Nov 18, 2020
Hi Arielle! We are so stoked for you to be our latest Vibin’ On You feature. Can you tell our community a little bit about yourself and the work you do? Arielle Egozi: I’ve always been interested in edges — the edges of conversation, society, stigma. I’ve used my work …
An Interview with Midori – A Trained Sexologist and Expert on BDSM & Kink Play
Oct 21, 2020
Hi Midori! We have been big fans of your work in the BDSM & kink spaces for a long time! Can you give us a little overview of the type of work you do for anyone who’s unfamiliar? Hello everyone! In a nutshell, I teach and coach on creative self-expression …
An Interview with Bethany Stevens – A Disabled Queer Sexpert
Sep 23, 2020
Hi Bethany! We have recently become such big fans of your platform, @disabethany. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got involved in sex education & research? Thank you so much for interviewing me and liking my Instagram! I just started learning about it after my most …
An Interview With Ashleigh Tribble
Aug 26, 2020
Hi Ashleigh! We are (obviously) huge fans of you and the community you’ve fostered at @ashleighchubbybunny. Can you tell us a little bit about how you built your platform? Thank you! That means a lot, obviously, lol. My platform was created out of me at my then PR job putting …
An Interview with Miki Carter – Owner of @Plot.Twist.Interiors
Jul 30, 2020
Hi Miki! We’re thrilled to be interviewing you for Vibin’ On You. Can you tell our community a little bit @plot.twist.interiors? Miki Carter: I grew up with parents who stressed financial independence. In their point of view, the way for me to achieve this was to become a doctor, lawyer, or …
An Interview with Cameron Glover – Le Wand’s New Brand Ambassador!
Jun 30, 2020
Cameron! We are *clearly* huge fans of your work, as this month you join the team as our newest Brand Ambassador! Can you talk a bit about the work you do as a certified sex educator & business coach? Cameron Glover: Thanks so much for having me! So the best …
Q&A: Mistress Velvet on Being a Black Femme in the Revolution
Jun 30, 2020
After 2018, Mistress Velvet (a.k.a @missvchicago) practically became a household name after word caught on that the dominatrix uses a radical form of race play to get reparations from her clients. Using a syllabus full of Black feminist theory, Mistress Velvet has found a way to use the system and …
An Interview with Laura Delarato – A Sex Educator & Body Image Advocate
May 28, 2020
Laura! We’re such big fans of yours & we’re honored to feature you this month. Can you give a brief overview of your work in the sex positive & body positive spaces? Yay! I’m honored to be considered! Well, I’m Laura Delarato, I’m 33, and I’ve been doing sex education …
An Interview with Jimanekia – A Trauma Specialist & Sex Educator
Apr 28, 2020
Jimanekia is a Trauma Specialist & Sex Educator, and this month’s Vibin’ On You feature! We interviewed Jimanekia about her important work with survivors and how to be kind to yourself & others during this incredibly challenging time. Hi Jimanekia! We’re huge fans of your work, and love that you …
An Interview with Wednesday Holmes
Obviously, we’re huge fans of you & your inclusive, bright illustrations. Can you tell us a bit about your artistic process? Wednesday Holmes: That’s so sweet, thank you. So when I think about creating art and resources for my space online, I usually channel any anger, fear, or anxiety into …
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