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Saved By The Vibe

Saved by the Vibe #5: Unicorn Wand
Jun 16, 2021
School’s out for summer… allegedly! I haven’t attended school in years and haven’t perceived time through the lens of semesters since it was last required of me to do so, and to be honest? I secretly believe the “school year” is some kind of Mandela effect. We start the school …
Saved by the Vibe #4: Squirting Set
May 05, 2021
Do we get the vibe yet? (Pun intended.) Superlatives are not just for eighteen-year-olds making definitive statements on each other’s half-baked personalities and uncertain futures! It’s high time the rest of us reclaim the yearbook spirit and start giving superlatives to people and things that have actually earned them! Here …
Saved by the Vibe #3: Arch
Apr 21, 2021
Su·per·la·tive (səˈpərlədiv), adjective: of the highest quality or degree. Thanks, Google. It just took three of these for me to feel inclined to know what this word actually means. Of the highest quality or degree? Okay, we know all about that. Each and every one of the impeccably designed Le …
Saved by the Vibe #2: Feel My Power
Mar 02, 2021
Life is all about legacy. In the end, it won’t matter whether you were happy, or fulfilled, or kind at heart, all that will matter is how your peers described you in your senior year superlatives. Absolutely J-fricking-K. Can you imagine? I can’t even remember the first and last names …
Saved by the Vibe #1: Grand Bullet
Feb 02, 2021
Yearbook superlatives are as American as apple pie. And kind of like the most famous American apple pie of all, we think superlatives are best when used for masturbation. (Do people even understand that reference anymore?) Each month we’re choosing our standout star, the very “best” or “most” or “est” …
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