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Makeup Sex 101
20 August 2020
Fire-up freaking. Horngry humping (that’s horny + angry). Impassioned intercourse. Whatever you call it, many lovers claim makeup sex = best sex. But what is makeup sex, exactly? Why does it happen? And for orgasms sake, why is it so damn hot!? Read on to find out. What is makeup sex? Depends …
The Top 10 Benefits of Using Sex Toys With Your Partner
You’ve shook hands with your boo and decided to work it out by sweating it out. But how do you ace the O and burst through the stress you’ve just had? Grab a toy and let it do the work for you! In this Pleasure Report, Tracy shares the 10 …
Top 10 Benefits of Using Sex Toys With Your Partner (Plus 6 Best Positions)
17 April 2018
Sex toys can’t replace the intimate, skin-to-skin contact with someone you desire, but sometimes it does come close. What’s better than combining the two and partake in a threesome with an electronic vibrating friend? Whether you’re about to bring up this topic to your partner or already enjoying the double …
Advanced Guide for G-Spot Explorers – From Almost There to Oh My Gawd
04 April 2018
Congratulations! You’ve found the moan-inducing and oh-so-elusive G-spot. Some women quite literally spend their entire lives in search of a genuine G-climax, and all that reaching and stretching and curving your toy at juuuust the right angle has finally paid off. So now what do you do to stimulate the …
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Get 20% Off Your First Order
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