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Same Toy, Different Uses!
Aug 13, 2020
Being a sex educator has its perks. There’s a lot of variety on the market when it comes to sex toys, and it can be really overwhelming to navigate through. Do you want a vibrator or a dildo? Does a toy being cordless or using an adaptor really make a difference? …
What Does A Pussy Pump Do?!
Feb 04, 2020
Did you read the phrase “Pussy Pump” in our headline, and totally cringe? It’s OK. It does sound a bit out there if you’re not familiar with these amazing devices. The term “pussy pump” or “vagina pump” brings about the same idea as a Penis Pump—pumps used to coax a …
TSA & Sex Toys: How to Get Your Vibrator Through Airport Security
Aug 28, 2019
Here are 7 tips and tricks for traveling with sex toys and getting past TSA personnel with ease: 1. Check It & Forget It If you’re trying to avoid any awkward interactions with TSA personnel, play it safe and save some room for the toys in your checked luggage. Remember, …
Introducing The Chrome Collection, The Newest And Best Mini Vibrators For Anytime Play
However, the mini vibrator deserves a well-placed spot in sex toy history. Massager-style toys are sovereigns in the eyes of all of us unashamed to admit we masturbate, but the mini vibrator holds its own as the singular most useful bit of masturbation hardware that every woman should own. Introducing …
Get 20% Off Your First Order
Get 20% Off Your First Order
Get 20% Off Your First Order
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