5 Menopausal Symptoms You Didn’t Know You Could Ease

21 June 2019

Learn to ease these 5 menopausal symptoms from our female sexuality experts.

As we are transitioning into menopause, changing hormones can cause symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia and decrease sex drive. The body does, of course, change with time. However, we don’t need to go through these changes with fear or anxiety. Menopause symptoms can be relieved with the help of the right tool and some simple tricks. Read on to learn more about menopause and five menopausal symptoms that your Le Wand can ease.

It is not uncommon for people to believe that middle age begins the end of their sexuality and that menopause marks the demise of women’s sex lives. But in truth, it is normal to maintain an ever-evolving sexuality throughout life.  For many of us, as we reach forties and fifties, and beyond will find these year an incredibly fulfilling time as we become truly comfortable in our body and confident with our sexuality. 

What is menopause?

Menopause is the cessation of women’s menstrual periods. This can happen naturally, commonly around age 50, or sometimes earlier in a woman’s 30s or 40s.  Additionally, menopause can be medically induced by surgical removal of the uterus and/or ovaries, and with medications. In all cases, the activity of the reproductive hormones, most notably estrogen, decreases.

“Natural” menopause occurs gradually over a period of years. These years before the final period are call perimenopause, and while women still experience periods (albeit irregular), many of the postmenopausal symptoms begin during this stretch of time. Some of the most challenging and disruptive symptoms include decreased skin integrity, mood swings, insomnia, decreased sex drive and vaginal dryness.  Here’s some good news for you- Keeping an active sex life, whether solo or coupled, can ease these symptoms. 

Menopause symptoms #1: Inelastic skin

Remedy: Stay sexually active

As we age, skin elasticity decreases over our entire bodies. Lack of estrogen further decreases the integrity and elasticity of the vaginal skin. But, by keeping sexually active throughout the perimenopause/menopause years, the vagina better maintains a healthy state. Orgasms and penetration keep the vaginal skin and muscles strong. Additionally, studies show that an active, pleasure-filled sex life makes one “glow” and appear younger than their biological age. And by sex life, we do mean self-loving and partnered play.

Easing menopause symptoms: Staying sexually active makes your skin glow.

Menopause symptoms #2: Mood swings

Remedy: Touching yourself and your partner

The feel-good chemicals released with orgasms elevate and help stabilize our mood. Furthermore, experiencing touch while intimately engaging with a partner is known to improve one’s disposition.  So touch yourself, touch your partner, heck – touch your partner with a wand massager – and improve your mood. 

Menopause symptoms #3: Insomnia and hot flashes

Remedy: Orgasms around bedtime

Insomnia is one of menopause’s most disruptive symptoms. Women often awaken due to hot flashes, then their mind wanders to troublesome thoughts, which increases cortisol and further awakens them to worry some more. It’s an unfortunate cycle of sleeplessness and anxiety.  Orgasms are here to save the day (and night)!  Orgasms around bedtime will help reduce cortisol, promote relaxation and encourage a more restful sleep.  Additionally, if unable to get back to sleep once awake, using your massager for a quick orgasm might be just the trick to get back to sleep-land.

Easing menopause symptoms: orgasms before bed encourage a more restful sleep.

Menopause symptoms #4: Decreased Sex Drive

Remedy: Have more intense stimulation with a tool

The low estrogen level of menopause is often the culprit to decreased sex drive, but there are many other causes. Sadly, when ovulation ends women believe that their sex drives have vanished because they no longer have the hormonal surges which promote the drive for reproduction. However, women still feel aroused, but typically after erotic stimulation is initiated. The key is to start playing, and desire will follow.  Think about it like this- You’ll need to preheat your libido before you’re ready to get cooking.

Additionally, as women age, it may take longer than it did in your younger years to experience orgasms.  When they do, the orgasms might also feel “weaker”. Because of this, women sometimes find their sexual experience less desirable.  Adjusting with your body and increasing the vibrational power or stimulation will help.  More intense stimulation results in both faster and stronger orgasms, and a wand massager’s higher speeds offers just high-powered vibration intended for this purpose. Additionally, orgasms help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which, in turn, increases the intensity of orgasms.  That’s a win-win in our book.

Fear of pain is a potent desire killer. One of the most common causes of sexual pain during menopause is vaginal atrophy (shortening and tightening of the vagina due to decreased estrogen and lack of penetration). Women who experience pain with penetration tend to avoid sex, which further contributes to vaginal atrophy and results in even more pain upon penetration.  A thorough medical exam is recommended, and treatment may be necessary prior to resuming penetrative sex. A wand massager is beneficial in this situation because it can be used to stimulate exterior clitoral orgasms without penetration.  Enjoying an external orgasm while experiencing vaginal atrophy is not only pleasurable, but aides with healing by improving genital circulation and muscle tone. 

A massage helps you with age-related muscle pains

Finally, age-related aches and pains may further increase fear of sex. Using a massager to massage stressed muscles as a prelude to sex-play can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable, especially when paired with a deep tissue massage attachment.

Menopause symptoms #5: Vaginal dryness

Remedy: Increase arousal and bring blood flow to the vagina

It is true that lack of estrogen can make one’s vagina feel as dry as the Sahara Desert, but lack of arousal also plays an important role.  Using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation boosts arousal and brings blood flow to the vagina, therefore naturally increasing lubrication. It is important to remember to slow down and give the body time to respond to pleasurable sensations (remember to preheat that libido!).

Easy menopause symptoms: Le Wand Massager helps stimulating the genitals, increase arousal and reduce vaginal dryness.

Often, after many years of focusing on others, menopause is a wake-up call for women to bring attention to themselves and their bodies. It is a reminder to take the time to experience pleasure.  Enjoy this new phase of your life and the never-ending adventure of your sexuality.

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