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Stainless Steel Sex Toys 101

If you're snoozing on stainless steel sex toys, you're low-key sabotaging your sex life! Sex educator Gabrielle Kassel shares 10 key benefits of using these eco-friendly pleasure tools!
by Gabrielle Kassel
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Listen, I love silicone sex toys as much as the next pleasure-seeker. I mean, how can I not with orgasm-inducing silicone vibrators like the Le Wand and pleasure-provide plugs like the b-Vibe Snug Plug? Rhetorical question.

Still, in this sex educator's humble opinion, if you're snoozing on stainless steel sex toys, you're low-key sabotaging your sex life.

I know what you're thinking, "But stainless steel sex toys don't vibrate! Or thrust! Or buzz! Or rim!." True. But there are so many things stainless steel does do! Keep reading to learn 10 benefits of using stainless steel sex toys. Go on, indulge me.

1. Stainless Steel Is Body-Safe

One of the main reasons silicone (well, medical-grade silicone) is so-often lauded as THE sex toy material? It's non-porous. Meaning, it doesn't have any hideaway holes for bacteria—clean it with fragrance-free soap and warm water (or a sex toy cleaner) and it actually gets clean.

Of course, this is a very good reason to wax poetic about a pleasure product's material (bacterial vaginosis be gone!). But what many folks don't realize is that there are a few other non-porous materials often used to craft sex toys. Stainless steel included.

As clinical sexologist Megan Stubbs, Ed.D likes to say, "If it's safe enough to eat on, it's probably safe enough to go inside of you."

2. Stainless Steel Sex Toys Are Easy to Clean

ICYMI: Yes, you need to wash your sex toys. No, you can't skip this step if you're the only one getting down with them. 

"You need to wash the toy between uses even if it's only getting introduced to your body," says Texas-based sex educator Goody Howard. Why? Because the bacteria from your vagina and anus that remains on the toy can ferment (ick). So the next time you use it, you could actually be introducing your body to a type of bacteria it hasn't seen before. And that bacteria could be infection-causing.

As she puts it, "If you wouldn't use the same fork without washing it before uses, you shouldn't use the same sex toy without washing it." Yeah, pass.

Good news: Stainless steel sex toys are very easy to clean. Either use the aforementioned soap and warm water or sex toy cleaner hacks. Or plop it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Then, let it run without (!) adding dish detergent. Dr. Stubbs explains: "The gook in detergent can be irritating, so it's best to avoid adding it."

3. They're Heavy AF

Quick: Think about how you like your internal hot-spots touched. Did words or phrases like "aggressively", "firmly", or "with a lotta pressure" come to mind? If so, stainless steel sex toys could be your new BTF (that's Best Toy Forever).

Second only to toys made of gold (hellooo, moneybags), stainless steel is the heaviest pleasure product material on the market. The Le Wand Contour, for instance, weighs in at 4.4 pounds!

"The weight of stainless steel wands can make it easier for folks to stimulate the pleasure-zones that respond well to pressure," Dr. Stubbs says.

4. They're Great for G-Spot and A-spot Stimulation

Speaking of pleasure zones that respond well to pressure, let's talk about the G-spot and A-spot. Two hot-spots in the vaginal canal, the G-spot and A-spot are known to respond well to consistent, direct pressure, according to Howard.

In fact, many vulva-owners can actually ejaculate with consistent G-spot pressure. But even if squirting isn't your goal, G-spot stimulation can feel good. Like, very good. Many vulva-owners describe G-spot stimulation as more full-bodied compared to clitoral stimulation, she says.

Your move: Grab some lube (I recommend Woo Coconut Oil Lube or Cake Toy Joy) and a stainless steel wand like Le Wand Arch. Then, slide it 2 or 3 inches inside the vagina along the front vaginal wall and rock it back and forth. Feel something moan-making? Congrats, that's your G-spot.

Stainless steel sex toys like the Le Wand Arch are great for G-spot stimulation

If not, try going another few inches back. Deeper, you'll find the A-spot. A patch of nerve-dense tissue that also responds to pressure, some vulva-owners swear stimulating this deeper sweet spot can produce otherworldly orgasms.

"You can also try stimulating the A-spot through the anal canal," says Dr. Stubbs. For the record: Any 'ole sex toy *can't* go in the bum—stainless steel or otherwise. To go in the bum, it needs to have a flared base (like the b-Vibe Rimming Plug) or be attached to a harness, or feature a major crook (the way the Le Wand Bow and Swerve do).

5. Oh, and P-Spot Play, Too

People with penises have a different hot-spot that responds well to pressure: The P-spot (that's prostate, BTW). "The prostate is an analogous structure to the G-spot and it can be found two to three inches inside the anus, towards the penis," explains Dr. Stubbs.

If you're never tried prostate stimulation before, start by exploring with your own, well-manicured finger(s). Like it? Equip yourself with a toy like the Le Wand Bow and lube and head to P-town. Who knows, you might end up in the O-zone.

Curious what a prostate orgasm feels like? Check out this complete guide to prostate play by b-Vibe's team of sex educators.

6. Stainless Steel Sex Toys Can Be Used for Kegels

Ah, Kegels, the pelvic floor exercise that gained popularity back in the early 2000's. Missed the commotion? Kegels involve squeezing the hammock of muscles that hold all the pelvic organs in place.

Sure, it sounds easy but most folks with vaginas actually have poor pelvic floor proprioception. Meaning, we can't actually tell which pelvic floor muscles we're clenching!

That's where stainless steel products like Le Wand Hoop and Bow come in.

Sliding one of the bulbs into the vaginal canal gives the muscles something to squeeze, which can increase body awareness. And therefore make the vaginal exercises far safer and more effective.

7. Stainless Steel Is Less Likely to Create Friction

Some freaky friction is 100. Just think back to your high school hump-a-thons for proof. But too much friction is the quickest way to fast-track your "ooh" to "ouch".

Unfortunately, too much friction is just what you'll get with some sex toys—especially when lube is MIA. But not stainless steel ones.

Howard says: "The smoothness of the steel makes it especially desirable for people who find friction irritating." Ditto goes for those with conditions such as vaginal scarring, vaginismus, uterine fibroids, cystitis, and vulvodynia which can be irritated by friction.

Pro tip: If you sometimes find vulva or vaginal stimulation painful, try pairing a stainless steel wand with CBDD arousal oil and lube.

8. They Can Be Used During Temperature Play

"If you haven't tried temperature play before you totally should," says Dr. Stubbs. Put simply, temperature play involves using hot and cold to enhance sensation during sex. "It's one way to heighten the alertness of your nerves, while adding a sense of novelty," she says.

And all you need to get started? A stainless steel sex toy!

To give your nerves an unexpected shock, Howard suggests dunking your toy in a cup of ice-cold water. "I recommend against putting it in your freezer, because just as a tongue can get stuck to a frozen toy, the same thing can happen to your pussy," she says. Yikes.

Once the toy is cold, explore your non-genital zones before heading South. If you do decide to travel to your south holes, don't forget to use lube.

For a more soothing sensation, warm your toy under a stream of hot water. "Test it on your inner wrist to make sure it's not going to burn your bits before exploring," suggests Dr. Stubbs.

9. Many Stainless Steel Sex Toys Are Textured

"Thanks to how many steel sex toys are made, many have built-in grooves, indentations, and textures that are designed to enhance sensation," says Howard. Can't visualize? Check out the ridges that swirl up the Le Wand Bow and dynamic beads on the tail-end of the Le Wand Swerve.

Stainless steel sex toys like the Le Wand Swerve provide textured pleasure

"Toys with these grooves can take your pleasure to another level by stimulating the nerves in a different way than you're used to," she says.

10. Stainless Steel Is A Green, Durable Material

Hey Earth Lovers, did you know that stainless steel is a better-for-the-environment option? Yep. "The sustainability of the material is a major win for the crunchy granola folks who care about the environment as much as they do their orgasm," says Howard.

Oh, and stainless steel products last for-freaking-ever. Seriously, many sex educators refer stainless steel product as "heirlooms" because they'll outlast us all! In other words, using stainless steel sex toys is a way to cut down on your pleasure product footprint. (Yes, that's a thing).

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