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Le Wand Hoop
Le Wand Hoop





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Lay back and relish in the depths of pleasure by yourself or with your partner with the Le Wand Hoop. The perfect curvature and ample reach of this stainless steel wand will leave you in awe with its satisfying weight and pressure. Allow the Hoop wand to firmly caress your pleasure spots in all the right way, the Hoop features a beginner-friendly, easy-to-insert small bulb and a larger bulbous teardrop end with ripples for an added delightful textured sensation. Both ends are excellent for mind-blowing G-spot and P-spot play.

Stainless steel toys are prized for their hardness, weight and hygiene. Plus, they can be used with all types of lubricant. Try cooling the Le Wand Hoop down or warming it up with water for temperature play. To clean, simply use soap and water, pop them in the dishwasher or boil them for 3 to 4 minutes to fully disinfect.

Specifications chevron-small-down
  • Size: 26.1 cm / 10.3 in
  • Smallest Dia.: 2.5 cm / 1 in
  • Biggest Dia.: 3.7 cm / 1.44 in
  • Weight: 1.39 lbs / 630.5 g
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Product FAQ chevron-small-down
Is Le Wand Hoop waterproof?

Yes, it is safe to be submerged underwater.

How should I clean Le Wand Hoop?

Use a mild antibacterial soap and warm water, or a sex toy cleaner directly on the toy. Rinse the toy well and allow it to air dry or pat dry. To sanitize the toy, boil it in water for 1-3 minutes. You can add a splash of lemon juice to the water to eliminate lingering odors.

How should I store my Le Wand Hoop?

After cleaning, allow Le Wand Hoop to air dry. Then, put it into the storage pouch included with the toy and tuck it in your drawer/box of treasures.

Is Le Wand Hoop intended for external or internal use?

Le Wand Hoop is designed to be enjoyed inside or outside the body. Be cautious when using this toy for anal play to prevent it from getting lost inside the body.

My Le Wand Hoop has a scratch on it!

If you receive your product and notice any surface abnormalities, we will happily accept the product back in exchange for an exact replacement. Any surface abnormalities such as scratches or scuff marks must be reported to us within 30 days of the purchase date to qualify for an exchange. If your product was purchased more than 30 days ago, we can offer you a discount towards a replacement under our lifetime quality guarantee. You can file a claim for your product by completing the Le Wand warranty claim form.

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Perfect for partnered play, the curved shape of the Le Wand Hoop is easy to hold and maneuver. Featuring two bulbous ends and rippled texture, the Hoop will please even the most discerning of pleasure seekers.

large, teardrop bulb

For yummy G-spot or P-spot play.

stainless steel body

The stainless steel body is solid and hefty, weighing at 1.39 lbs.


For extra toe-curling textured sensation and stimulation.

small bulb

Beginner-friendly and easy-to-insert size and shape.


For extra toe-curling textured sensation and stimulation.


A multifunctional pleasure tool, the Hoop is designed to stimulate your or your partner’s erogenous zones. Lay back and delight in the perfect curvature and ample reach that Le Wand Hoop provides, and enjoy the depths of pleasure with your partner.

Le Wand Stainless Steel Sex Toys
Le Wand’s new collection of stainless steel sex toys are great for temperature play
temperature play

Spice up your intimate playtime by submerging the Hoop in warm or cool water before use for intensified sensations.

Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Le Wand Hoop



The perfect curvature that will please all bodies.

Shop confidently with added benefits and privacy.

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