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Tracy Felder


Tracy Felder’s journey into the pleasure products industry began more than a decade ago, playing a key role in bringing a high-end sexy lingerie brick-and-mortar retail store to Philadelphia in 2005. She continued to cultivate her entrepreneurial skills while selling the latest, sexiest styles to the local community, as well as dancers in Philadelphia’s premier gentlemen’s clubs; and built a reputation for upholding the most favorable customer relations with clients achieving goals beyond expectations.

Tracy broadened her horizons with a career in event production, during which she traveled to produce successful shows and conferences along the East Coast. Her credits include creating commercial content for WXTU’s Radio Anniversary Shows.

With her broad range of skills and dedication to open communication and spreading sex positivity, Tracy returned to her adult retail roots. In 2017 she opened a chic adult boutique in Philadelphia that allowed her to merge the best of both of the industries that she’s worked in to offer a venue that hosts sex education classes, couples’ mixers, and even yoga class- which would often be found as a traveling pop-up shop in many of Philly's top expos and conventions.

On a mission to spread her sex-positive skills at a national level, Tracy’s career path has led her to COTR, Inc., where she serves as a product trainer/brand ambassador. Working alongside company founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair, Tracy is proud to represent the female-led manufacturer of cutting-edge premium pleasure product brands. With her sights set on promoting sexual wellness, self-care, and acceptance of all gender identities and sexualities, Tracy’s future goals include becoming a certified sex educator. Tracy believes that by embracing oneself sexually and sharing that with a partner(s) is the key to happy sex life. Her motto is: "Share, love, give ... and receive unlimited pleasure!"