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Le Wand Stroke Penis Play Silicone Attachment
Le Wand Stroke Penis Play Silicone Attachment

Le Wand Stroke Penis Play Silicone Attachment

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Need a hand? Experience stronger, mind-blowing O's with the new Le Wand Stroke penis play silicone attachment!

Turn your wand vibe into a sensational, penile masturbation sleeve for when you're in the mood for something a little more intense than the old-fashioned. Featuring a plethora of bumpy textures, the Le Wand Stroke targets the most sensitive erogenous zones on the penis with 360 degrees of stimulation and contact.

Le Wand Attachments are 100% body-safe and made from silky smooth silicone. They're also hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easy to clean.

* Le Wand Stroke Penis Play Silicone Attachment is compatible only with Le Wand Original, Le Wand Plug-In, Le Wand Unicorn Special Edition, Feel My Power Special Edition, or other similarly sized massagers. It is not compatible with Le Wand Petite, Le Wand Petite Plug-In, Le Wand Die Cast, Le Wand Die Cast Plug-In, or Le Wand All That Glimmers Special Edition.

How To Use

1. Coat the inside of the Stroke silicone attachment with water-based lubricant for easier placement on top of the wand.

2. Place the Stroke silicone attachment on top of the wand head and slide it into place.

3. Use water-based lubricant on the Stroke masturbation sleeve, if desired. First timer? Learn how to use a vibrator on a penis.

4. Wash the Stroke silicone attachment before and after use with mild soap or a sex toy cleaner and air dry after use. Store away safely until your next penis play session.

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