Meet the special edition wand designed to inspire your self-love and amplify your power.
Everyone has a right to experience pleasure, to feel good about their sexuality, and to love their body. I truly believe that sex toys are healthy and fun - and that there should be no shame in enjoying them. I am incredibly excited to share Ashley Lukashevsky’s illustrations, mission, and power through this special edition wand. Ashley’s visual art and design sheds light on immigrant rights, racial justice, and other intersectional feminist issues. As she calls attention to oppressive power structures, she inspires others to find the power within themselves. 

In designing the pattern for this product, it was such a joy to celebrate women and femmes taking pleasure into their own hands. I love to capture all kinds of femmes in ways they typically aren’t represented.


For so long, it has been taboo, shameful or unexpected to talk about sexual pleasure as something that we can create for ourselves by ourselves. I hope that Le Wand brings you feelings of autonomy and power over your own beautiful body, because you deserve that.

We have joined forces with illustrator and visual artist, Ashley Lukashevsky, to bring you an exclusive wand massager and accessories, specially created to empower your self-love. The special edition Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager includes: special edition wand, convenient travel case, pleasure guide, self-love pin, postcard, and sticker set- all featuring Ashley's visual art.



What Makes You
Feel Most Powerful?

Discover the five babes who inspired the Feel My Power Le Wand.

I spent years performing sexuality for the sake of pleasing a partner before I learned how necessary and powerful a relationship with myself is. Masturbation helped me reclaim ownership of my body. Sex toys — specifically wands — were the cornerstone of this discovery. I love sharing my journey as it continues to unfold, because I know I’m not the only one who struggles to love and be present in their body.
Chloe Kernaghan
I feel most powerful when I'm having fun in my body — whether that’s doing yoga or dancing. The moments in which I’m able to move and feel at one with my body are those at which I’m most joyful.
I feel the most powerful when I'm dancing to disco, in a crazy vintage outfit, in a club off the beaten path. My biggest passions are human connection and music, and nightlife is the place where they come together. You can be whoever you want to be at 2am.
Monica Hernandez
I feel most powerful when I am existing fully within my honesty and purpose. When, for a moment, I'm relieved of the voices of doubt, insecurity, and fear in my head, and I can create and express untethered from the expectations of others. I am most powerful when I treat myself as worthy of the successes and love in my life, and make the choice to make today a better day.
Kendra Austin
I feel most powerful when I am encouraging others to be the stars in their own lives. My power is in demanding that my peers fiercely challenge fear and negative self-talk to focus on their inherent gifts, talents, and victories. This is how we become the hero of the story, and the curator of a beautiful, fulfilled life.
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Elizabeth Lehmann

Gabby Pedriani

Gwen Rosen

Jennie Snyder

Ashleigh Nicole Tribble

Empower Yourself
Inside and Out

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Special Edition
Le Wand
Discover self-pleasure in the most powerful and intimate way.
Le Wand Feel My Power Special Edition Rechargeable Massager
Discover self-pleasure in the most powerful and intimate way.