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Liberator Wedge NEW


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    Key Features: 
  • The Perfect Angle- The 27-degree angled shape of the Wedge is perfect for doggy style or missionary position. It also provides better access and lift for prolonged oral sex, so you can say bye to stiff and sore necks. The Wedge will also give you a boost for deeper penetration and P-spot stimulation. Making old positions feel new again. 
  • Structurally firm for the Best Support- The high-density foam material supports the body and stops you from sinking into a bed while offering the best angles for maximum satisfaction.   
  • Luxurious Feel- Like a gentle caress. The soft microfiber cover feels lush and cool against bare skin. 
  • Easy to Clean- Worried about sweat stains and wet patches? Simply unzip and toss the cover in the washing machine. Just like your favourite pair of denim jeans, the microfiber cover gets softer with every wash. 
Liberator Wedge
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