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Bustle: The One Sex Position To Try In July 2018 Is Standing Doggy Style

25 July 2018


Laken Howard’s article – Standing Doggy Style Is The One Sex Position To Try In July 2018 – featuring Alicia Sinclair, Founder of b-VibeLe Wand and The Cowgirl, was first published on Bustle.

With summertime in full swing, that means our old friends heat and humidity have come out to play — which can make for some seriously sticky, unpleasant sex during the summer season. Naturally, some of the best sex positions for summer are the ones that help keep us literally cool, without sacrificing any figurative hotness. And what better way to keep your sex life ~chill~ than by making shower sex your new go-to during this hot, steamy month?

“For July, it’s all about shower sex to rinse off after a sweaty day and stay cool,” Alicia Sinclair, sex educator and CEO of b-Vibe, Le Wand, and The Cowgirl, tells Bustle. “Shower sex has fun foreplay opportunities that can help you switch up your routine. Start with helping each other wash up, and turn it into a full body massage. Showers also provide an excellent echo chamber for any sexy sounds, so let those moans out while you’re enjoying the ride!”

Luckily, there’s no shortage of wet-and-wild sex positions to try in the shower — especially if you happen to be blessed with the skill of flexibility. But if you’re a newbie to the shower sex scene and are worried about the logistics of certain, more complicated positions, there’s one that’s perfect to start out with: standing doggy style (pictured below).

“To have some wet fun without a falling hazard, try standing doggy style,” Sinclair says. “Have the receiver stand with their feet spread and knees slightly bent, supporting themselves with their hands on the wall of the shower. When the receiver is bent over at about a 45-degree angle, the other partner can then enter from behind (with a penis, finger, sex toy, etc.). Everyone can keep two feet on the ground, no acrobatics required.”

Steamy, from-behind sex with the added bonus of a cool stream of water to ensure you don’t get too unpleasantly sticky? Now that is the perfect summer sex position to incorporate into your routine. Plus, because standing doggy style isn’t too difficult to pull off, you won’t be distracted by thoughts of falling and embarrassing yourself — meaning you’re free to focus your mental energy on reaching orgasm, instead.

“When you’re worried about balancing or getting at the right angle, you compromise the opportunity to relax and own your pleasure,” Sinclair says. “Standing doggy style has all of the goodies of a romp in the shower, while sticking to a classic position that won’t feel like a workout.”

Use A Sex Toy In The Shower To Spice Things Up

If you want to make this shower sex position even hotter — and ensure that you don’t get tired of it, even if you do it all month long — using a sex toy with your partner can seriously up the ante. Just make sure any toy you use is waterproof and safe to use, of course, and then let the added stimulation work its magic on both you and your partner.

“A great way to mix up the experience is to add a water-safe sex toy to the mix,” Sinclair says, “Have the receiver hold a shower-friendly clitoral vibe while enjoying the action from behind. [The] brand new Le Wand Petite is shower friendly, plus a size that’s easy to navigate in a tight space. Or, add a simple butt plug (like b-Vibe’s Novice Plug) to enjoy an extra feeling of fullness. The shower is a great place for beginners to try anal play, for those who want a squeaky clean feeling before [anal play].”

Who would’ve though that showers could be the perfect place for a little sexual exploration? Whether you want to experiment with anal play or not, though, using sex toys in the shower can heighten your sexual experience either way, and add an extra level of pleasure to an already sultry adventure. So the next time you’re hot, sweaty, and in the mood this month, invite your partner to hop in the shower and give standing doggy style a try — and then feel free to get creative with whatever comes next!

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