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Le Wand Celebrates the Power of Pleasure with Feel My Power Campaign

07 March 2019

Le Wand Celebrates the Power of Pleasure with Feel My Power Campaign.

An illustrated, limited edition vibrator will hit the shelves in honor of International Women’s Day

Mar 7, 2018 – The Feel My Power edition of Le Wand was designed by artist Ashley Lukashevsky (@ASHLUKADRAWS), an illustrator who uses her art to lift up stories of marginalized groups and drive compelling social movements. The illustrations on Le Wand will echo the mission of the brand itself — how owning your sexuality and pleasure translates into power in all other areas of life.  

The campaign, which is oriented around the hashtag #feelmypower, features influential women and femme-identifying individuals who are exceptionally powerful in their respective domains, including dance, yoga, art, activism and beyond. Ashley Lukashevsky specifically created custom illustrations of Zoe Ligon (@thongria), Monica Hernandez (@monicagreatgal), Chloe Kernaghan (@chloe_kernaghan), Krissy Jones (@krassyjones), Ali Weiss (@healthishell), and Kendra Austin (@kendramorous) showcasing them in their respective elements and celebrating all types of power. Through asking them the question “what makes you feel most powerful”, the Le Wand team hopes to raise awareness for the role that sexual well-being can play in overall self-assurance.

“As someone who has been in the sexuality industry for over 17 years, I know first-hand that the power gleaned from self-pleasure doesn’t just stay in the bedroom – it has the opportunity to positively impact so many aspects of our lives,” said Sinclair. “Feel My Power is an ode to all of the powerful women and femme identifying people I know and love, at all stages of their personal sexual journeys. I’m excited to hear more from our community throughout this campaign as they share what powers they have to share with the world.”

If you’re interested in speaking to Alicia Sinclair or any of the campaign participants, or would like to see all of the campaign illustrations, please contact Gabrielle Pedriani and Gwen Rosen at [email protected].

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