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9 Tips For Having More Intense Orgasms

15 November 2018

ps-june-2018-alicia9 tips for having more intense orgasms

This article, featuring sex educator and founder of Le Wand, Alicia Sinclair, on tips for having more intense orgasms was first published by Gigi Engle on POPSUGAR.

Orgasms are wonderful, but there is always room for improvement. What do we mean by this? Well, sex is a journey, not a destination. It’s about exploring your body and finding new pathways to pleasure. Orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, and some are large; some are intense AF, and some are meh.

But did you know that your orgasm potential is (to some degree) in your control? If you’re dreaming of more intense orgasms, look no further. POPSUGAR spoke to real women and experts to bring you the best tips for how to have more intense orgasms.

1. Keep it going even after you come

How to do it: “Keep going. Don’t stop after your first orgasm, even if your body feels sensitive. My third orgasm is usually the strongest because everything is hyper aroused.” — Olive, 30

“If you feel that one part of your body is getting overstimulated — try switching to another for the subsequent orgasm. Listen to your body and reengage after each orgasm to maintain arousal.” — Alex Fine, founder of Dame Products

Why it works: “I find if vulva owners can stay aroused rather than completely cooling down after an orgasm, this can be helpful in experiencing multiple orgasms. Think about it like this — the body is already warmed up and in the mode, so it’s easier to bring it back to a heightened place than starting all over again.” — Alicia Sinclair, founder of b-Vibe and Le Wand.

2. Masturbate, masturbate, masturbate

How to do it: Don’t be shameful or awkward about your masturbation habits. Take some time to really enjoy yourself. Draw a bath, put on music that turns you on, and grab your favorite vibe. Devote time to the practice. Masturbation is self-care.

Why it works: “Experiencing pleasure is about being connected to your body and your partner. The better you get to know yourself through masturbation, the better you can communicate your desires and guide your partner to help you climax — and help yourself get there during solo sessions. Ultimately, communication during partnered sex is the key to maximized pleasure. It’s also imperative to get out of your head and enjoy the experience instead of focusing on an end result. Orgasms are all about the release.” — Mia Davis, founder of the sexual education website and app Tabú

3. Utilize the Lap Dance position

How to do it: Have your partner sit on a chair. It’ll likely work best if he or she sits all the way back in the seat with their legs wide open. From a standing position, slowly back up to meet him or her, and gently glide his penis/her dildo into your vagina.

Why it works: “I’m a big fan of the Lap Dance position, specifically because the woman is in control, the clitoris is easily stimulated, and both partner’s hands are available to stimulate other parts of the body (like your breasts, nipples, or wrap you in a sexy embrace). Also, depending on the angle at which you arch your body, you can stimulate the g-spot or a-spot. This position is also a great form of foreplay — especially if you do wish to start with an actual lap dance. I also like to suggest using a vibrator in this position. Start by teasing your partner with the vibrator before you begin using it on yourself. ” — Alicia Sinclair

4. Close your eyes

How to do it: “Close your eyes and really focus on your body! Being aware of everything your partner is doing and touching will make your orgasm 10x better.” — Juliana, 25

Why it works: When you close your eyes, you cut off one of your main sensory ports. This will make everything you feel extreme (in a good way). Really lean into everything that is happening to you, and pay attention to each nerve ending.

5. Edging to get you over the edge

How to do it: “Essentially, you slowly bring yourself closer and closer to coming but hold back before going over the edge. The buildup really intensifies the orgasm (seriously, you have to try it), and by prolonging the whole juicy process, it makes everything more fun in general (whether you’re solo or with a friend or two!).” — Dr. Nadia Kumentas ND, founder of the holistic wellness site Mingo Health

Why it works: Growing your pleasure threshold will only make the final release that much more explosive. When you become aroused and then let it go, the energy is recycled, waiting just under the surface to be ignited once again. It you keep building toward a finale, the endgame will be unreal.

6. Kegels are key

How to do it: Your kegel muscles are what keep everything tight and strong below the waist. To give them a workout, stop the flow of urine when you’re taking a wee. This will help you locate the kegels. Next, hold your kegels in for 30 seconds, twice a day.

Why it works: “Do kegels. Once you’ve mastered those, you can actually do them while your man is inside of you and your orgasm will be super intense.” — BSM Stoneking, erotic author and sex expert

When your kegels are tight, you can feel everything happening during sex more acutely. You’re more in control of your body. The stronger the kegels, the more powerful your orgasms. Your partner will love it, too.

7. Breathe into it

How to do it: Utilize all of those techniques you’ve heard of in yoga and Pilates classes. Breathe deeply and consciously during your entire sexual experience. It’s easy to get excited and hold your breath. Avoid doing this.

Why it works: “The breath is of number one importance. It keeps the body loose and receptive, easier to arouse.” — Dr. Elayne Daniels, PhD

8. Find a vibe you love

How to do it: A small vibrator can make all the difference during sex. Try something small and easy to maneuver.

Why it works: “During penetrative sex, it is difficult to achieve the much-needed clitorial stimulation to get to orgasm. Having a small vibrator in hand will give you the ability to get your clitoris in on the action. If you can combine g-spot and clitoral stimulation during sex, you’ll be on your way to the best orgasm of your life.” — Maria, 29

9. “Tipping the scales” (for two people with vulvas)

How to do it: Your partner lies on their back and you get on top with your legs framing your partner’s face (almost like a 69 position). Prop yourself up with your arms and move your hips back so your clit is in line with your partner’s face.

Why it works: “It’s super comfortable for your partner and is pretty much a prime orgasm position for you. Your partner can hold your hips steady and pull you towards their face — they have total control, which is super hot. It also feels AMAZING if your partner throws in a little simultaneous vaginal penetration with fingers or a toy. Then you can switch!” — The team at Unbound, a sexual wellness and sex toy subscription company

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