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everything you need to know
about mini vibrators

Every person should have a mini vibrator in their sex toy collection. Mini vibrators are vibrators that are smaller than a classic wand. For anyone who is just beginning to use sex toys, mini vibrators are an excellent go-to. They’re small and cute, but also very powerful. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes, and types. They are designed to target your clitoris, the epicenter of female-bodied pleasure. They’re great for solo play, partner play, and everything in between. If you’re curious about mini vibrators, here is everything you need to know.

what are the different
types of mini vibrators?

1.Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are a type of mini vibrator that focuses on the clitoris, the nubbin at the top of the vulva anatomy that contains 8,000 nerve endings. These mini vibrators are called bullet vibrators because they’re typically shaped like a bullet (or a tube of lipstick, if you fancy). They are usually waterproof and come with a variety of speeds to choose from.

These mini vibrators are designed mostly for external stimulation, so if you’re a sex toy beginner, these are a great choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this mini vibrator and find the positions that work for you on your clitoris. Have a male partner? These mini vibrators are also great for stimulating the scrotum and perineum. You don’t need a clitoris to enjoy sex toys!

2.Clitoral vibrators

Clitoral vibrators are mini vibrators that are similar to their friend, the bullet, but are more varied in shape, size and texture. Clitoral vibrators are any vibrators that are designed for external stimulation of the glans clitoris. Finding the right one is a super fun adventure.

When considering this type of mini vibrator, note the difference between a standard clit vibrator and a clit sucking vibrator (a.k.a. suction vibrator). A standard clitoral mini vibrator uses vibration to stimulate the clitoris, whereas a clit sucking toy uses air and suction to surround the clitoris. The latter can feel akin to oral sex. It’s all about preference. If you’re curious about mini vibrators, it’s a great idea to invest in a few different types and get creative with your experimentation.

3.Egg vibrators

Egg vibrators, a.k.a kegel vibrators, are insertable mini vibrators that are shaped like - you guessed it - eggs. They can also come shaped like balls, but the egg, or kegel-focused, shape is more popular. You may have seen these bad boys featured in Fifty Shades of Grey in that infamous party scene where Ana wears the love balls inside her while they go out partying. Those love balls didn’t vibrate, but the weight of them was pretty orgasmic, if you recall.

Vibrating love eggs usually come with a remote control so once they’re inserted, you can control speed and rhythm. These mini vibrators help to both engage the kegels (the pelvic floor) and the internal clitoris. While these mini vibrators may seem like they’re advanced, they’re super easy to use and are great for beginners. You just insert and go.

4.Finger vibrators

Finger vibrators, a.k.a. wearable vibrators, are vibrators that come along with a strap, essentially turning your hand into a mini vibrator. They usually come with a raised piece or strap into which you can insert your finger. This gives you great vibrator action without having to hold anything in place.

These toys are perfect for beginners who are interested in giving sex toys a try, but are still a bit apprehensive. They also fit perfectly with partnered play because they’re small, inconspicuous, and easy to use. The vast majority of clit-owners require clitoral stimulation to experience an orgasm and these vibrators can help you get there during intercourse when you need that boost (pssst … we all do). Plus, these mini vibrators are not clit-exclusive. They can help stimulate the tip of the penis, the scrotum, and perineum as well.

5.G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators are not technically mini vibrators, but we should tell you about them anyway. G-spot vibrators are designed for internal stimulation of the G-spot. They can also be used externally for some added clitoral stimulation. They are versatile toys that you shouldn’t sleep on.

As we get more comfortable with sex toys, we can expand our adventures into more advanced toys. If this guide to mini vibrators has you in a state of extreme curiosity, you may be ready to move on to a G-spot toy. Or … a rabbit.

6.Rabbit vibrators

Dual stimulation vibrators, or “rabbit” vibrators” are vibes that offer both internal stimulation of the G-spot area (the internal clitoris, technically) and the external clit simultaneously.

These toys are a bit more advanced so you might want to experiment with mini vibrators or your fingers to see if you’d like to move to more intense toys. These vibrators can be a bit intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop you. Check out our guide to rabbit vibrators for more information.

7.Hands-free vibrators

Hands-free vibrators are specifically designed so you can use them without needing to think about it. These mini vibrators give you all the clitoral stimulation you need during partner play, without the need to keep a toy in place. They come in a variety of different speeds and shapes. Some are designed to sit over the clitoris like the Eva from Dame Products or can be inserted into the vagina and over the clit in U-shapelike the Couple’s Rabbit. If you’re new to sex toys (or have an apprehensive, nervous partner), these toys can be a great place to start. While toys shouldn’t be a source of contention, the fact is that some people are still uncomfortable with them sometimes. Baby-steps might be needed and that’s OK.

Are you a more high-level sex toy user? Remember how we mentioned G-spot vibrators because they’re important? Well, some G-spot toys are also hands-free. They do all the thrusting for you. Check out this baby!

8.Panty vibrators

Mini vibrators take on a whole new meaning when you add in panty vibrators. These toys are a great way to spice up date night. You insert them into your underwear so that they sit over your clitoris. They usually come with a remote control so either you or your partner can turn up the speed to send some shocks through your body while you’re in public. If you’re wondering how they stay in place, you’re not the only one. These mini vibrators usually come with a pair of panties that have a special pocket for your new best friend.

These toys are a fun way to get the sexual party started before you get home. Starting foreplay when you’re around other people adds a sense of secrecy which can be very hot. Novelty is one of the most important things to keeping sexuality alive in a long-term relationship. Spice it up by exploring.

9.Weird vibrators

How could we deliver a vibrator guide without including some of the more interesting, weird vibrators available? We know what you guys are searching for. And we are here to assist in your quest!

When we say “weird” we of course mean cool and novel. Sex toys are fun and mini vibrators are nothing short of a good time. Out-of-the-box mini vibrators might include necklace vibrators, lipstick vibrators that look like actual lipstick (hello discretion when going through TSA!), tongue vibrators that look and act like tongues, or even this one that looks like something your dentist would use to clean your teeth. Each of these vibrators offers something different, but they all represent our endless curiosity as sexual beings.

Need something bigger?
Now, if you’ve read these descriptions and are thinking: “I need something bigger and more powerful”, then you’ve come to the right place, friends. Meet our wand vibrators!

How to use a mini vibrator

By yourself

Mini vibrators are a great way to get started with toys if you’re new to self-love. They are designed to engage the clitoris and to give you orgasms. Using toys by yourself can be a good first step before introducing them to a partner. They help you explore your body and figure out exactly what you like.

When you’re delving into masturbation, remember that it is a healthy part of human sexuality. These vibes are tools to help you get to know yourself. Don’t rush. Put on some soothing music, take a bath, and devote some time to your mini vibrator. Self-love is a cornerstone of self-care and we should be proud of that.

With a partner

Mini vibrators are also a fun way to explore with your partner. What makes mini vibrators extra special is that they aren’t penis-like or phallic in any way so they don’t come off as aggressive. When you’re new to sex toys, this can be a big selling point. Mini vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Review the types we listed above and decide which one might be right for you. We recommend a bullet vibrator for newbies.

The thing is, 80-95 percent of women and clit-owners need clitoral stimulation in order to have orgasms. And we just don’t get that from penetrative sex. Increasing your knowledge may help bridge the knowledge gap so that your partner can get on board with sex toys.

Advanced and creative tips for mini vibrators

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking: “I am NOT afraid of using toys. Give me the more advanced stuff!” Well, we have some ideas for that too!

Mini vibrators are not just beginner toys. They can be used in all kinds of fun and erotic play. Try using your mini vibrator for edging, wherein you bring yourself to the point of almost-orgasm, only to stop and simmer down. Then you begin again. You can also grab a panty vibrator and use it in public to spice up a casual evening. There are no limits to these toys if you use your imagination.

Caring for your mini vibes

Choosing the right lubes

When looking for a lube, you want to be sure that it is paraben and petrochemical free. The skin on your vulva and in your vagina is some of the most absorbent in the human body. You don’t want to put anything gross near or in it. If your mini vibrator is made of silicone, steer clear of silicone or oil-based lubes. These can cause erosion of the material and cause breakdown. Since sex toys are an investment, you want to take good are of them. If your toy is made from ABS-plastic, silicone and oil-based lubes are fine to use. Our favorite oil-based lubricant is Woo More Play coconut oil lube.

The best lubes for mini vibrators are water-based lubes. These are a kind of jack-of-all-trades, as they can be used with any sex toy and are compatible with condoms. Here's a fan-favorite water-based lubricant if you're looking for reccies.

How to properly clean your sex toy

Before you ever use a new sex toy, carefully (repeat, CAREFULLY) read the directions on how exactly you should clean it. For most toys that have a vibrator, warm soap and water should do the trick. If you’re looking for a quicker fix, you can use a sex toy cleaner and give it a thorough wipedown. Be sure to clean your toys with soap and water before using them again. You want to avoid any bacteria that may have gathered. Clean toys are good toys.

For the more advanced sex toy cleaners amongst you, you can invest in a UV Sterilizer Pouch to thoroughly sterilize your toys. It uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. It’s the same method hospitals use to sterilize their operating rooms. These can be used on all sex toys and are the simpliest, most effective way to ensure your toys are complete sterilized. For the Type A among you, this UV pouch is a must.

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