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Sex Magic: Every Witch Needs a Wand

Every witch needs a wand to cast a sex magic spell.
Orgasms, what are they good for? Pleasure, of course. But have you ever considered harnessing the powerful energy you’re creating when you orgasm to cast 'sex magic' spells?
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

When you orgasm an enormous amount of 'energy' is released. The energy that is created through an orgasm can allow for magical tools to be charged or to aid in directing one’s spell or intention. This and any type of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic, or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits is called Sex Magic or Sex Magick.

What is Sex Magic?

Sex Magic improves you as a lover, or even your sexual techniques, but it's much more than that. Sex Magic refers to using one’s energy and intention to help achieve your goals.

It is not an instant miracle cure or solution, but a tool to both help and improve your life. Sex magic is the art of working with the forces of nature to bring about changes. The magic is simple: energy and power of life. It is also about becoming more spiritual, and in touch with your body and desires. It is not something that should be taken lightly, but something to research and invest your time in to execute correctly.

Sex magic #1 - The power of intention

You’ve most likely heard about the power of intention, it’s often mentioned in pop culture. With the popularity of books such as The Secret, everyone has become more familiar with the idea of the “law of attraction”.

Intention, a key tool in the law of attraction, is the starting point of every fantasy, thought, and dream.

It is the creative power that leads us to achieve and accomplish all our needs and/or desires- whether it’s for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or even love. Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. An intention is a directed thought of a goal that you aim to manifest. Intentions can’t grow if you hold on to them, they need to be released into the universe so they grow and flourish.

Sex magic #1: Set an intention for your practice.

Have an intention in mind before you begin your practice. Think about the goal that you want to aim for. That will help you focus on what you want and make it easier for you to get to your destination.

Sex magic #2 - Cultivate your sexual energy

Now onto the fun part. Let’s say you’ve done your research about sex magic, you have your intentions set, and now you’re ready to get down to business. First things first, don't rush toward an orgasm. This practice is all about building up as much sexual energy as possible to support your intention.


When you feel an orgasm coming on, you should slow down. Try backing off and switching from one type of stimulation to another, until you feel the orgasmic energy building up again. The more intense your feelings, the faster you can attract what you desire, and in this near-orgasmic state, your magnetic power is tremendous!

Sex magic #3 - Use a wand

So why does every sexy witch need a wand? Wand vibrators — such as the Le Wand Original or Le Wand Petite — are incredibly versatile and powerful, which makes them a great tool for sex magic. They can also be used for every gender and type of body, regardless of your sexual orientation, so it is perfect for every magician that wants to cast an orgasm spell!

Wands are also great for actual body massage, which helps connect you to yourself or your partner, depending on who is involved in the sex magic ritual. Getting in touch with your body and getting relaxed is one of the most important steps. Focusing on sensation and relaxation helps ground you and focus on the intention at hand.

Casting spells with your wand

Sex magic #2: Use a wand to harness your orgasmic energy.

When you’re ready to take the first sexy step towards pleasure, use the wand to warm up the vulva by massaging the entire pubic mound before you even touch the clit. This will get the blood flowing and build up orgasmic energy.

Vibrator on dick?! Learn how to use a sex toy on penises.

The same goes for penises, you can run the wand along the shaft, or even press the head of the wand against the frenulum or stimulate the perineum. When you are ready to release all your sexual energy, wands are also great for intense orgasms, and the more intense the orgasm the more orgasmic energy you’ve created for your intention!

Here's a simple sex magic ritual to get you started:

1. Create a sacred space where you are undisturbed for the ritual. Set up your space with candles, incense, and anything else you might need during your ritual. Set the mood with your favorite music playing. Use this time to also cleanse the space and gather the items you will be using.

2. Set an intention! The first step is to have a clear goal and an intention of what you want. Sex magic works best when your intention is focused on sex, love, confidence, power, or strength. Listen to each other’s intentions if you are sharing this experience with your partner.

3. Arousal time — Begin by touching yourself until you are turned on. This might incorporate visualizations and creativeness with techniques that usually have absolutely nothing related to the particular ritual and can include reading through or observing erotica or using toys.

4. Build orgasmic energy without climaxing. Edge yourself and keep building up orgasmic energy until you can’t take it anymore and you absolutely must release your energy and intention to the universe.

5. Rest and close the ritual! Keep breathing and let yourself relax and cool down. Spend a few moments envisioning your intention as if it were a reality.

Final step of your sex magic ritual: Keep breathing and let your body and mind settle.


Now that you've mastered how to practice sex magic, check out these trending guides on how to use coconut oil as lube, pussy pumping (it's not what you think!), and dealing with excessive precum.

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