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What is Nipple Play?

Sex educator Amanda Chatel shares her best tips on how to have a nipple orgasm
The best part about "nipplegasms," is that anyone with nipples can have one! Master these titillating nipple play tips for beginners and pros.
Last Updated: Jun 18, 2024

Despite being one of the most common erogenous zones — in addition to the surrounding areola — nipples tend to get overlooked. In some cases, people reach for the breast as a whole or directly for the genitals, which is a shame because the right amount of stimulation can lead to a nipple orgasm. That's right; nipple play and nipple orgasms are a thing, so you might as well add that to your sexual bucket list now.

What is nipple play?

Nipple play is, exactly as the name suggests, playing with or more specifically, stimulating the nipples. Nipple play can include touching, rubbing, licking, sucking, twisting, pinching, and/or using toys to stimulate the nipples — and that's just the beginning. Although the nipples, like the clitoris and penis, are composed of erectile tissue allowing them to become engorged and making them even more sensitive, they don't always get the attention they deserve.

What does a nipple orgasm feel like?

The best part about nipple orgasms, or as they're also known, "nipplegasms," is that anyone with nipples can have one. But the tricky part is trying to achieve them. Unlike the frequency of orgasms that result from clitoral or penial stimulation, nipple orgasms are far more elusive with anywhere from only 1% to possibly 15% of people having reported experiencing them.

Learn how to have a nipple orgasm

Similar to orgasms in general, trying to describe what a nipple orgasm feels like is complicated. We all experience pleasure in different ways, and this includes orgasms. Some say a nipple orgasm feels like a subtle build-up that you can't get enough of that, finally when you think things can't get any higher in intensity, there's a full-body sensation that reverberates throughout. Others report less intense nipple orgasms, but just like a less intense clitoral or penial orgasm, it may be small, but still delicious.

Nipple play for beginners

If you haven't delved into the beautiful world of nipple play, then hold onto your pants (or don't), because things are going to get really hot. But before you start experimenting with nipple play, you want to gauge your nipple sensitivity. Some people just need to accidentally brush their nipple against a doorframe to get aroused, while others need to bring out the nipple clamps before they can start to feel turned on. Only you can decide your sensitivity level, so take time to explore that either solo or with a partner.

1. Communicate

Once you've established just how sensitive your nipples are, you can begin to experiment with touch. You can start with simple circular-type motions or try a bit of twisting and pinching. If you're with a partner, give them the opportunity to explore your nipples in their own way — the thought of bringing you to orgasm via your nipples is just as exciting for them as it is for you. Whatever feels best, that's the map you want to follow or, if you're with a partner, the direction you want to send them toward. But because moans can sometimes be misconstrued, being vocal about consent with your partner is paramount. Make sure you use your words to establish consent every step of the way clearly.

2. Warm-up

Nothing says warm-up for nipple play like lube. With your favorite lube nearby, get comfy, dim the lights, and put on your favorite sensual playlist to set the mood.

How to use a vibrating necklace for nipple play

Also, whether you'll be playing solo or with a partner, make sure you have toys close by. A small bullet vibe is the cherry on top of proper nipple stimulation — and for some the best way to reach a nipplegasm.

3. Tips & Techniques

Now it's time to really go to town, but don't rush it! Like all good things in life, you want to take your time. In fact, when trying to achieve a nipple orgasm, you want to set aside a substantial amount of time so you can explore different techniques. Nibble, lick, twist, pinch, rub, caress, use a vibrator, experiment with temperature play, flick them, ask your partner to breathe on them or even bite them (consensually, of course), and tease them.

While all this is happening, notice the effect the sensations have on your genitals. Let all the feelings wash over you, succumbing to every bit of touch you're experiencing. Allow your body to melt into the pleasure of it all. There's no right or wrong way to achieve an orgasm, so really lean into everything you're feeling and be as present as possible.

Advanced nipple play tips

If you're someone whose nipples aren't on the sensitive side or if you're someone who prefers pain with your pleasure, then it's time to step it up a notch and go for some advanced nipple action and experience even more sensitivity.

1. Piercings

From a psychological standpoint, a great way to amplify nipple sensitivity and enhance your sex life is by getting one (or both!) nipples pierced. On the one hand, nipple piercings are aesthetically hot, which can be a turn-on for both you and your partner. On the other hand, the piercing itself makes nipples instantly far more sensitive than they were before. Even the slightest touch of a pierced nipple can send someone directly to cloud nine and take them one step closer to a nipple orgasm.

Piercing your nipples can increase sensitivity

If you can't stomach the thought of getting your nipple — or any body part, for that matter — pierced, there are gels or sensation lubes on the market that are specifically made to increase nipple sensitivity. But, as with all things you put on (or in) your body, you want to ensure all ingredients are body-safe. Having extra sensitive nipples until you end up with skin irritation because you didn't thoroughly read the ingredients. p.s. Find out why everyone's raving about coconut oil lube!

2. Experiment with Temperature Play

Whether it's nipples, genitals, or other erogenous zones, temperature play is always a tantalizing way to play with body parts. Ice, in particular, will immediately make your nipples so sensitive and so erect that it might feel like they're going to shoot off into outer space. If you're not one for icy situations, a warming lube, like the Le Wand Warming Sensation Lubricant, can equally arouse your nipples but in a different way. Lube also makes skin-to-skin touch silky smooth, so gliding anything from other body parts to sex toys over the nipple will feel extra enhanced.

3. Introduce BDSM Accessories

Although when we think of BDSM-related nipple play goodies, the first thing that comes to mind might be nipple claims (which are wonderful, and some even vibrate!), those aren't the only accessories that can make your experience more fulfilling. 

For example, a stainless steel pinwheel when run over the nipple can evoke the type of goosebumps that can possibly bring you closer to the elusive nipple orgasm. Nipple pumps and claw clamps are other options with which to experiment if you have BDSM and nipple play on the brain.

4. Repurpose Clitoral Toys

Nipples may not have as many nerve endings as a clitoris, but that doesn't mean that toys that are made for clits can't be used to enhance nipple play. Le Wand Deux, with its twin motors, was practically made to hug the nipple and vibrate each side of it to pure ecstasy.

The best sex toy for nipple play

But when it comes to the best of the best when trying to find the ideal toy for nipple play, look no further than Le Wand Double Vibe. Part of the Chrome Mini Vibe collection, this gorgeous necklace isn't just eye-catching but orgasm-inducing.

Le Wand Double Vibe

It's Versatile

It doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, this vibe can pinpoint zones on any body and stimulate wherever you need it most. From the clit, to the labia, to the perineum — any part of the body that loves vibration to get off, Le Wand Double Vibe is there to provide.

MASTER: How to use a vibrator on a penis!

And Most Importantly, It's Discreet

If you've ever wanted to stimulate yourself or someone else discreetly (perhaps you want to learn how to masturbate in public for an upcoming Spring festival?), this vibe has your back, er, clit or nipple, and more. Fitting perfectly in your pocket or bag with a whisper-quiet motor, you'll always be prepared and ready, no matter when or where, to experiment with the wonderful world of orgasms, especially the nipple orgasm. Just don't be afraid to explore some of those uncharted waters and let the vibe take you to other places, physically and mentally.

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