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Welcome to Le Blog, the informational hub of Le WandWelcome! Le Blog is the informational hub of Le Wand - a femme-founded brand of personal vibrators dedicated to promoting sexual wellness, empowerment, and community.

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Le Blog is the informational hub of Le Wand, a femme-founded brand of personal vibrators promoting sexual wellness, empowerment, and community.

For far too long, we’ve been told that vibrators and pleasure are wrong and that our sexual desire and pleasure is something that must be hidden away. However, we believe in owning our pleasure (and our sex toys!) and embrace our brands role as a symbol of sexuality and empowerment.

So we’ve created Le Blog to provide comprehensive information including everything from anatomy basic and position guides, to dispelling common myths about pleasure and our bodies. Everyone has a right to experience pleasure, to feel good about their sexuality, and to love their body. We truly believe that sex toys are healthy and fun – and that there should be no shame in enjoying them. Come one, come all.

What’s New On Le blog

All About the G-Spot
YES! The elusive G-Spot truly does exist, and it is worth exploring!
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All About the G-Spot
How to Stimulate Your
Congratulations! You’ve found the moan-inducing and oh-so-elusive G-spot. Some women quite literally spend their entire lives in search of a genuine G-climax, and all that reaching and stretching and curving your toy at juuuust the right angle has finally paid off. So now what do you do to stimulate the …
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How to Stimulate Your<br> G-Spot
What's a Blended Orgasm?
The term blended orgasm has traditionally been used to describe the type of orgasm experienced through a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. In fact, a blended orgasm is exactly what you might experience if a rabbit-style vibrator worked with your anatomy.
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What's a Blended Orgasm?

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