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Head Games: Using Vibrators for Penis Pleasure

11 June 2020

Ever tried a vibe on a D? We want to talk about blowjobs, handjobs, vibrator on dick, anything, and everything to do with penis pleasure!

Writer’s note: Throughout this article, we will be referring to the genitals of someone assigned male at birth as a penis and using masculine pronouns, but these tips will work on a wide range of folx, regardless of their gender or what they call their privates.

Investing in your first sex toy can be an exciting and/or overwhelming experience. Once you have it in your hands, what do you even do with it? It may seem straightforward, but if it’s your first sex toy it’s completely understandable to feel a bit out of the sea without a little direction.

On the flip side, maybe you have a drawer full of sex toys and you aren’t looking for a new toy but rather looking for new wayto use your existing 100 vibrators. You’ve tried each toy at each setting at different angles on your sensitive bits and now want to use your trusty go-to pleasure tool in a new way.

We’re here to help! Through years of, um, “personal research,” our team has compiled a list of creative ways to turn your toys into weapons of mass destruction in a way that you may have never even considered before. By mass destruction, we’re talking about blowjobs, handjobs, anything, and everything to do with penis pleasing — and YES, you can use vibrators on penis’ for intense and sometimes explosive results.

Scroll down to read our top five tips on using a vibrator on penis during oral sex:

1. Preheating the oven

It may seem like some folks are always “ready to go,” and sometimes others might need a helping hand. Foreplay can be just as important for him as it is for anyone and using a handheld vibrator (like anything from the Le Wand Chrome collection or the Le Wand Petite) can aid with getting things going.

Before you begin, make sure to apply ample water-based lubricant to your toy. There is nothing more uncomfortable than an unlubricated sex toy on the genitals, regardless of how high quality the material of the toy is!

How to use a vibrator on a penis

Set your toy to the lowest setting with your partner’s preferred pattern. The patterns that have quick “thuds” can often work the best here, as each thud acts as a little knock at the door. Lightly trace the vibrating part of the toy around the head of the penis while doing whatever else you want — making out, kissing their neck, playing with their nipples, whatever their “thing” is. You can even hold the vibrator in the palm of your hand and simply wrap your hand around the entire penis, applying a slight amount of pressure, and not move your hand at all. This will help send the pulsing vibrations deeper into the penis and get the blood flowing to the area.

2. Snake charmer AKA the frenulum vibrator

Once he is at attention, it’s time to start turning up the heat. With the penis fully erect, it is ok to start using stronger intensity vibrations.

Turn your vibe up to the setting your partner prefers and apply light pressure to the frenulum — this is the soft area on the “front” of the penis in between where the head of the penis merges into the shaft. This area is incredibly sensitive and responds well to lubrication, vibration, and even temperature.

Apply slight pressure to the frenulum and then slide the vibe down the front of the shaft as you take the head of the penis into your mouth. The vibe should reach where the shaft meets the testicles and hold there for a beat, then slide back up and repeat. You can modify the pace based on personal preference.

3. It’s all in the throat

This one admittedly feels a little silly, but it’s simple and easy to do with some pretty fun results. Using the Le Wand Petite, press up again the bottom of your chin just above your voice box to turn your mouth into a vibrating wonderland.

Warning: If you talk while you’re attempting this, you will have some serious robot voice! Give it a try if you’re up for having a laugh. Sex should be fun after all, so have fun with it!

4. The reach-around

While positioned behind your partner, reach around and use the Chrome Point to cradle your partner’s penis. Gently stroke up and down while moving your body in sync. The lack of eye contact adds to the psychological excitement here and can feel next level amazing!

5. Playing with the luggage

Of course, you should never forget to play with the testicles!

Playing with the balls can make both parties feel a bit nervous because we don’t want to hurt them (obviously). But believe it or not, the testicles are actually fairly resilient and respond well to temperature, pressure, vibrator, and even (brace yourself) light squeezing.

There is a common phrase used in regards to fingering that goes “know the difference between summoning a genie and stuffing a chicken,” and the same rule applies to pressure on the testicles.

Using the original Le Wand Massager, have your partner lay on their back and position the head of the wand directly against their body under their balls. This will hit your body differently depending on the size of your body, so don’t feel like you can’t play around with this just because “it’s not in the right spot.”

With the wand between their legs and against their body, gently lift the wand towards the testicles as you alternate hand strokes on the penis. As you go down further along the shaft with your mouth, raise the wand up to meet the testicles, and then when you are coming up lower the wand back down. This will give a pleasure-in-stereo sensation that will add an exciting level of stimulation to an otherwise basic blowjob.

These are only a handful of suggestions for how to creatively use your sex toys on a partner. We strongly encourage you to get creative and communicate with your partner about what they like. See what you can come up with together!

Have you come up with a tip that you don’t see here? Send it to us and we may feature it in a future how-to guide!


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