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Broad Stimulation – The Reason Why Le Wand is so Popular

11 June 2019

With a plethora of vibration massagers to choose from, learn why Le Wand trumps them all

In the world of vibrating toys, there are a few characteristics that help folks pick out the perfect toy for them. One that gives a strong, broad stimulation like Le Wand may be what you should be looking for.

Focused or broad stimulation?

Bullet Vibe vs. Le Wand

An important characteristic is whether the vibration of the product is focused and pinpointed, or provides broad stimulation. If you can imagine a bullet vibe, the tip is usually no bigger than a fingertip. This provides pinpoint, focused, direct vibration.

Bullet vibrators provide pinpoint stimulation

When vibration is more pinpointed, it only provides stimulation to the very specific area the vibe is touching. When the part of the vibrator that touches the body is wide (meaning larger than a fingertip), you open up a whole new, broader world of sensations.

In fact, there are many under-utilized parts of the body that capable of experiencing erotic sensations. Touching other parts of your body, that you don’t necessarily think are an erogenous zone, is also a great way to test out vibration and get to know your body better. You might discover a new hot spot you wouldn’t have thought of.

Vibrators with a broad surface, such as the of Le Wand, are great for this because this type of vibrator was originally created as a body massager.


How to Use Le Wand

When you turn on Le Wand, start by touching the parts of your body farthest from genitals. Start with the vibrator on your feet. Focus on the arch and the ball of your feet.

Never start a wand massager by applying it directly on the genitals

Run your wand up and down your arms and legs, across your belly, your shoulders and neck, your scalp and face. Use pressure to vary the feel of the vibration.

Some people find that with a strong enough vibration and enough pressure, using Le Wand on the genitals will give them an orgasm without ever moving the vibrator. Don’t expect the wand vibrator to do all the work for . Try applying different kinds of pressure as you hold the vibrator to find what works for you.

Using Le Wand to Stimulate a Penis

To stimulate a penis, use Le Wand around the head or shaft of the penis, scrotum, butt, and nipples. However, it’s best to get the feel of vibration all over your body and then slowly move to the more sensitive parts.

The head of Le Wand can also be used to stimulate a penis

Start with the wand head moving up the inner thigh, then gently run it over the perineum, or in circles around the nipples. The more sensitive the area you’re moving to, the slower you should set the speed. Gradually work to more intense vibrations.

You can also use Le Wand to stroke up and down the shaft of the penis or to gently roll around the head and frenulum. If you aren’t sure where to use a vibrator, try everything at least once. Each body is different and every person will enjoy different things.

Using Le Wand to Stimulate Vulvas

The broad stimulation of Le Wand is also incredibly great on vulvas. Try using the wand on just the pubic mound (fleshy spot above the vulva where your pubic hair is) to warm up the genitals. Doing this will get the blood flowing to the entire genitals increasing sensitivity, blood flow, and pleasure!

The head of Le Wand works incredibly great on vulvas

Running the broad head of Le Wand along the vulva will also help blood flood and help get the natural lubrication flowing freely. The clitoris is like an iceberg- what you see on the outside is just the tip. There are “legs” of the clitoris that run down the vulva on both sides and these can benefit from running a vibrator with a broad head on just the vulva itself. Try touching everything at least once! Start with a lower setting and broad head and just run it everywhere and figure out what feels best for you!

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