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How to Have Water Sex

Guide on having sex in the water
Wanna get submerged in satisfaction with water sex? We discuss how to go deep diving in your underwater palace in this Rumble & Buzz article!
by Amanda Chatel
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2024

[UPDATE: This article on water sex was written for outdoor summer shenanigans, but don't let that stop you from having an aquatic adventure! Think heated swimming pools, warm baths and jacuzzis, and sensual showers galore...]

With summer officially in swing and everyone wanting to beat the heat, getting creative with where one can have sex might be seeping into a lot of people's brains. Sure, every season — every day — gives us a reason to have sex, but something about the sweltering sun, the way bodies smell after a day at the beach, and the sweat (oh, the sweet summer sweat!) that can launch libidos into overdrive. It's the type of weather that makes one think: "Water sex? Oh, hell yeah!)

But while sex in the water (or underwater) is fun, in fact deliciously so, there are some things you want to take into consideration before you dive into the deep end of a pool or swim out to sea far enough to get some privacy. So, let's break down the pros and cons of having sex in the water, so both you and your partner can truly enjoy yourselves.

Three benefits of having sex in the water

What are the benefits of water sex?

The first benefit of water sex is it's exciting and a great way to spice up your usual sexual repertoire. But there's more to water sex than just that.

1. Adventurous Positions

When you're in a body of water, you're not constrained to the parameters of your bed. Because of this, you can try those creative sex positions you haven't tried before and positions that only water allows. 

2. Buoyancy

Speaking of positions only water can allow, when it comes to having sex in the water, buoyancy really plays in your favor. It can give you the opportunity to really explore your position range as you bounce among the waves of the ocean or even take advantage of the natural buoyancy in a pool or lake.

3. Relaxing

Water, for many people, is really relaxing. Whether it's a bath, a dip in the pool, or a shower after a long day, people find comfort in the water. So, combining the thrill of sex with that feeling of comfort can bring new heights to your sexual experience.

Places to have water sex

When it comes to having sex in the water, you have more than a few options. But no matter which place you choose to have water sex, make sure you include lube — we'll get into why below.

1. Pool Sex

Having sex in the pool can be a lot of fun, especially if it's your pool and privacy isn't a concern. The wall of the pool can be used similarly to a wall in your home, where one partner can have their back against it, or their front against it as their partner penetrates them from behind. Pools also have jets that can be used for clit stimulation while a partner penetrates the other with a toy or penis.

Using the Le Wand Bow stainless steel sex toy for pool sex

Le Wand Bow from the Stainless Steel collection is perfect for this due to the sleekness of the steel that has just enough texture and weight to really make pool sex satisfying. The G-spot and/or prostate will thank you for it.

2. Sex in a Hot Tub

If ever there was a body of water made for sex, it's a hot tub. Not just because you have heated water that can be arousing and relaxing on its own, but the seats in the tub make cockwarming, straddling your partner or riding them while facing away really, well, hot. When you add lube to the equation, both the clit and/or anus can be stimulated in these sitting positions without the fear of falling.

3. Shower Sex

As far as sex in the water goes, shower sex seems to be the most common yet the most dangerous, so it's important not to get too crazy in there. Again, the walls of the shower are your friend so don't just use them for balance, but for exploring positions.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even experiment with pee play, AKA a golden shower.

How to have shower sex

Adding a lightweight shower-proof vibrator, like the Le Wand Bullet, that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand is another way to further explore just how great shower sex can be whether you use it on the vulva region or along the perineum. Remember: the perineal nerve along the pudendal canal should never be ignored! Both penis owners and vulva owners can enjoy immense pleasure from stimulating it.

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4. Bath Sex

Depending on the size of your bathtub, bath sex can be tricky. But isn't life about accepting some challenges and seeing what you can make of them? Short answer: yes. Because bath sex is likely to involve sitting down in a small area, you may not have a lot of space for trying various positions, but sometimes all you need is a good old-fashioned straddle to hit the right spots.

And, because baths are relatively shallow, if you want to experiment with cunnilingus or analingus (oral sex on the anus) on each other, that can be exciting too. Just keep in mind that breathing is really important so don't stay submerged too long or lock your legs around your partner's head if they do go down on you. You want them to be able to poke their head up to take some air!

5. Open Water Sex

Of all the water sex you can have, the real jackpot is open water sex. It's in these bodies of water that you get to enjoy the buoyancy factor that can feel like you have endless positions to try. You can also use a heavier toy, like Le Wand Contour (it weighs a gorgeous 4.4 lbs. / 2 kg), so you can explore gravity play while experiencing buoyancy, creating multiple sensations.

What you need to know about water sex

While there's no denying that having sex in the water is thrilling and can make you feel adventurous, it's not without its downsides and the need to take precautions.

Safety precautions to take when having sex in the water

1. Genital and Vaginal Dryness

Interestingly enough, despite being in water or even the shower with water running over your body, all that wetness will not keep the vagina wet. Ironically, water can interfere with the body's natural lubrication. It doesn't matter how aroused you are or how "wet" you're used to being, water basically washes that away. What this means is that intercourse in the water can be painful if you don't use lube, lots of it, and keep applying it — silicone-based lube is going to be best in these situations.

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Intercourse in the water may feel OK at first if you skip the lube, but things are going to dry up fast! The salt from the ocean will contribute to this even more so than if you were in a lake or shower. Anal intercourse, of course, also requires lube since the anus isn't self-lubricating.

2. Pregnancy and Protection

Yes, you CAN get pregnant during water sex (just the same way precum can get you pregnant too!) If you think the water you're in can just magically wash out sperm the way it washes out natural lubrication, you are mistaken. If you're not on hormonal contraception, then a condom is a must. Another thing to know is that condoms can be weakened by overly chlorinated pools, so you want to have backup condoms ready to go.

3. STIs and Water-Related Diseases

Similar to the chances of getting pregnant, STIs are a possibility. And, because those two things aren't enough to make you a bit wary, bacteria and parasites are also in the running when it comes to causing issues. For example, sex in a lake is wonderful, but it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites that have zero qualms about entering the vagina or even the head of the penis. While condoms can help prevent STIs, parasites and bacteria kind of do their own thing. It may be a mood killer to let your mind go there, but it's important to know the risks.

4. Strong/Weak Swimmers

Another factor you want to take into consideration when having sex in the water is the swimming ability of both partners. When it comes to the pull of the tides, swimming out to the deep end of a pool or toward the middle of a lake, swimming ability becomes a major part of having sex in the water. If you and your partner can't even tread water, you want to keep your water sex in the shallow end, far away from where there's a risk of drowning.

Essential tips on having sex in the water

Although sex in the water might be at the top of your sexual bucket list this summer, there are still some tips, considerations, and basic dos and don'ts to remember.

1. Don't have water sex if you're inebriated.

Whether your mind is altered from alcohol or drugs, it's better if you keep water sex to when you're sober. It's the best way to avoid slipping, falling over, or even drowning.

2. Do use lube.

It can't be stressed enough that a silicone-based lube applied liberally and often will keep things nice and slick, so you can avoid any dryness and/or possible vaginal/anal tearing. For water sex, silicone-based lube is less likely to wash away than water-based lube and will keep you from frequently needing to reapply.

3. Take caution with having sex in public.

While sex in public can be intoxicating, there are potentially negative results with such a move — like a possibility of being fined or even arrested for indecent exposure. Any kind of public play or having sex in open water that draws crowds should be taken at your own risk. If you do decide to pursue the exhibitionist way, be sure to brush on these public masturbation tips.

4. Do consider protection.

Even if you and your partner are fluid bonded, water sex is a whole new ballpark. Not only is pregnancy still a concern (especially if condoms are your only form of birth control), but a well-lubed condom can help against friction and after-sex irritation.

Final takeaway on water sex!

Water sex is great! It can take you out of your comfort zone a bit, let you explore new positions and sensations, and give your sex life a proper smack on the ass. But, like all good things, it's not without its risks. So whether you're in the Mediterranean Sea, your pool, or a hot tub, take the necessary precautions so you can have the best water sex experience possible.

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