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Self Care

Masturbation Pleasure in Every Room

by Tracy Felder
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Your home should be a palace of pleasure where you focus on what gets you off with pleasure for the body and mind in your sex space.

What do I mean by sex space? Simply put, it's the space where you typically prefer to have sex in your home. You know, the boom-boom room, the nookie corner, or simply put- your playroom.

I recently moved to Detroit aka "The D", to a new apartment with lots of space. Frankly, that means there's a lot of sex space that I need to christen. For the most part, in my solo sexual experiences, I've always considered the bedroom to be the epicenter of play. A little warm-up in the shower, or maybe a hot sex scene in a film gets me going. Then I head straight to the bedroom!

So, I've been exploring new ways to bring my toys and play outside the bedroom and I've been enjoying the opportunities each room has to offer.

Living Room

Obviously, there's space to make anything go in the living room. From wands to butt plugs to pussy pumpssex machines, strokers, and more, the living room has been my warmup space for pleasure-making since my first place. However, I noticed that there are often missing essentials needed in the living room. I mean, there's always the standard pleasure accessories needed, right?! Lube, toy cleaner, and a towel for quick clean up are always a part of my experience.

My go-to pleasure tools will have to be chosen in the moment, depending on what mood I'm feeling. So, if you can, a small drawer or secret stash with a few toys (small and large)- and those previously mentioned pleasure accessories- are clutch to have in your living room.

My quick, and most reliable, vibe is the Le Wand Rechargeable. It's always the numero uno tool for my living room. It is not only powerful, it's also considered a pleasure tool that every body can enjoy. A great feature especially if I'm entertaining a partner. Plus, the "Plug & Play" feature makes it so handy because even when my wand runs out of juice, I can simply plug it in to recharge it and still use it at the same time. #anytimemood

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Personally, I can't just bring my Le Wand OG to the party without also having one of two of the silicone attachments ready to enable play inside the body. Either the Le Wand Curve or Le Wand Ripple attachments are great for adding on top of the Le Wand for whenever I'm in the mood for vaginal play or anal play. I prefer to have at least two attachments in hand. Remember, for folks with vulvas, don't ever use a toy that's been placed in the booty inside the vagina without either cleaning your attachment in between or just using a new one from the secret stash!

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Playing in the shower is power! So, I have 2 pleasure tools that make my indoor water sports groovy.

My first suggested tool, make sure to bring lube into the shower ya'll! I know some of yous (with my Philly accent) are saying water is enough to create the moisture that I need. Incorrect, my friend.

Your shower water simply cannot act as lubrication for your body. Body wash, soap, or hair conditioner can cause irritation leading to yeast or bacterial infections, UTIs, or unwanted dryness. So lube, lube, lube.

Le Wand Petite is a shower-friendly sex toy that you can use in your bathroom

If you're not playing with a silicone pleasure tool (silicone lube is not compatible with a silicone toy!), use silicone lube for the shower. It will reduce friction and irritation during your play. Silicone lube will stay on your body even in the shower, making it ideal for sex in the shower. Plus, it cleans off fast with soap and water. Just make sure you clean the shower surfaces afterward since this lube is ultra-slippery.

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The pleasure tool that sits in my shower caddy is the Le Wand Petite. This shower-friendly partner has just the right amount of power, with or without the Petite Le Wand Attachments, to get the sexual job done. I can use the Le Wand Petite to warm up or get off, clean it with mild soap and water, and place it back in my shower caddy before, after, or during my bathing.

Having at least one Petite Attachment in the shower is also helpful for when I'm feeling in the mood for G-spot or anal stimulation.


Ever since the pandemic, my home office has been my mecca for educating folks all over the world! This is my new normal, Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, Zoom meeting professional style that I've had to adapt to, hard core. Yet, there are some things that were needed to establish a work-life balance.

Le Wand Deux is a discreet sex toy that you can use in your office

One strong essential to that balance was to implement breaks in between my daily routines. And yes, that break can sometimes include a masturbation session. Believe me friends, a daily mid-dose of masturbation equals rejuvenation and serotonin released.

A quick fix to get back to work is using the Le Wand Deux. This twin motor gem has the power to be used on your temples for headache relief, to nipply play, and down to your genitals. The rechargeable USB port makes it so convenient to quickly charge the vibe on your laptop- all while getting back to work as soon as you're done.


Although the kitchen can be questionable and seldomly used as a sexual playground, there are a few erotic game moves that can be enjoyed, especially with the use of sex toys.

Few things to consider, lube comes in many varieties, and adding lube is a totally a plus. Enter the ultimate kitchen cabinet lube- coconut oil lube. This edible and natural personal lubricant absorbs into the body with its moisturizing properties. Plus, it's beneficial for the skin. Just make sure to separate your cooking oil from your personal lube!

Your selection of toy play is endless. Hell, you can ride The Cowgirl with the door opened sucking on a popsicle on a hot day. Or have the Le Wand Point vibe in your underwear, sitting on a chair, while eating ice cream, your favorite cereal, or whatever your vulva and taste buds desire!

Le Wand Point is a hands-free mini vibrator that works well anywhere

The most versatile, and hygienic, pleasure tool of choice of late has been the Le Wand Hoop for kitchen play. This highly curved dynamic tool allows me to target my G-spot whether on a chair, bar stool, standing over the sink, or leaning against the fridge. I can grab my yummy coconut oil while the Hoop sits in either warm or cold water pending my temperature play mood. This tool enables a massage inside and outside my body with minimum effort, ultimately bringing me to a tasty orgasm.

Add a little fun game to mix. Try to masturbate before your timer on your microwave or toaster oven finishes cooking your upcoming meal. Not only can you increase your libido multiple times, but you also enjoy beating your record over and over again! Huzzah!

Wherever you decide to create a new sex space, make sure you enjoy it more than once. It takes us a few times to get adjusted to playing in a new scene, so have patience and remember that novelty adds fun to your solo and partnered sex.

Quick tip for roommates, privacy is key. So, feel free to stuff a towel or blanket at the bottom of your closed door to help soundproof your sex space.

...And if you live in an apartment, consider toys that might be a little quieter from any of the Le Wand collection, unless you're happy to share your sexcapades with your neighbors when riding The Cowgirl! LOL!


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